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  1. This Is Control Tower®

    Helping you stay on top of recurring payments

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    Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to track and manage where your Wells Fargo cards and accounts are linked online? Now there is.

    Wells Fargo brings you the Control Tower feature so you can view recurring payments, turn cards on or off1, and more—online in one place. To access your digital card numbers, accounts, and monitor data sharing with eligible third-party​ financial services, log in to your account online, or with the Wells Fargo Mobile® app.

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  2. This Is Overdraft icon Rewind

    Enjoy more peace of mind

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    Life can get pretty busy—and with a lot on your mind, overdrafts can happen. That's why we came up with our exclusive Overdraft icon Rewind feature to help if you overdraft your account the day before pay day.

    On the morning we receive your qualifying direct deposit, we'll reevaluate your account balance and may cover overdrafts from the previous business day and waive overdraft fees2. No additional sign-up is needed if you have a consumer checking account that receives direct deposits.

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