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Diversity & Inclusion

Breaking down barriers in the workplace for people with disabilities.

Redefining Disability, Inclusive Workplaces and Communities.

We value the expertise, passion and creativity that people with disabilities bring to the workplace. People with disabilities deserve equal access to employment opportunities and we're committed to creating inclusive workplaces through mentoring, coaching, workplace accommodations and career development.

Our commitment to people with disabilities dates back nearly 170 years with founder Henry Wells who had a speech impediment and established schools to help others, including employees. Since 2017, we’ve donated more than $200 million to nonprofts that empower people with disabilities.

As the presenting sponsor of the No Barriers Summit, this year we’re proud to host a Virtual Career Fair designed to provide people with disabilities connections to employment opportunities.

This opportunity is open to attendees and will focus on people with disabilities and veterans, who are seeking employment inclusion. The Virtual Career Fair ofers one-on-one sessions with a job recruiter who will help assess your skills, explore opportunities and give real-time feedback on your resume.

There’s also a discussion with a diverse panel on the topic of workplace and fnancial inclusion. The conversation will explore the challenges and opportunities for people with disabilities and how intersectionality impacts full participation in the banking system and bringing one’s whole self to work. Panelists include Annette Howard, Vice President, Human Resources Consulting Partner at Wells Fargo; Michael Morris, JD, Founder and Senior Strategic Advisor of the National Disability Institute; and Andrew Holbrook, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Digital & Innovation and Enterprise President of the Disability Connection Employee Resource Network at Wells Fargo. The panel will be moderated by Dennis Malinis, Global Accessibility Lead for Diverse Segments, Representation, and Inclusion at Wells Fargo.

People with disabilities can also learn more about the Financial Resilience Center , an online information resource to help people with disabilities and chronic health conditions navigate financial challenges during COVID-19 and beyond. The Financial Resilience Center connects people with disabilities and their families with accessible financial health resources and virtual financial coaching and counseling.

The No Barriers Summit empowers people to navigate obstacles, live a life of purpose and give back to the world. We proudly support this organization and share a vision of inclusion, where people are valued for their contributions in their workplace and communities.